The Worldwide Marriage Encounter experience is primarily a space for you to pause, reflect, and reconnect privately.

The experience allows you to create a dialogue with each other and with God, to create a higher and broader understanding of what it means to be married.
While faith is a powerful part of this process, the focus of the Marriage Encounter experience is on the ups and downs of married life.
Married couples of any denomination, mixed-faith, or without religious affiliation are welcome!
Faithful to the Roman Catholic Church’s definition that marriage is a covenant that exists between one man and one woman, any reference to “marriage” or “couple” made by Worldwide Marriage Encounter is in this context.

There’s no group discussion.

Over the course of the experience, three couples and a priest provide new tools, using examples from their own lives, to help couples work through common themes we can all relate to, such as:

  • Exploring our personality styles
  • Appreciating our differences
  • Listening in a new way
  • Communicating intimately
  • Addressing difficult topics
  • Discovering God’s desire for our marriage
  • Continuing the journey
Learn to become the best version of yourselves together!