Committing Time

● We all have personal commitments and are very busy, especially as families in Irvine. However, time is a valuable sacrifice to unite and grow as a family.


Love one another with compassion

● Mutual care in the spiritual family regardless of our age, gender, or ministerial involvement. ● Come with passion and sacrifice for the one you love.


Self-Activated Servant-Leadership

● Rather than living the Korean stereotype of waiting to be told what to do, you see an opportunity to improve a situation.


Clear and Concise Communication

● Every person in the spiritual family is clearly and concisely made aware of the church vision. They are capable of reiterating and modeling the vision to others. ● Our family communicates such that everyone can share their concerns for the improvement of the family.


Equal Sacrifice for Reparation

● Everyone commits to making substantial sacrifice for the well-being of the family. Such that they know their involvement is necessary and valuable.