► 35 men from OLPKCC participated in the center’s first Exodus 90 program (Jan 2022 ~ April 2022) which has awaken the men through rigorous prayer, asceticism, and fraternity over the course of 90 days. As a result, many have experienced dramatic changes on their personal prayer life, commitment to family and community, and ascetical self-discipline.


► The primary objective of the Apprentices of Saint Joseph program is to continue the spiritual fervor of the Exodus fraternity groups by offering a structured plan of prayer, asceticism and fraternity for laymen of the OLPKCC community. (Started 7/11/2022)

► Program Intentions (WHY I do this?)
  1. For I want to be a saint
  2. For offering myself to my family and the community
  3. <Your personal why>

► The vision involves an expansion to other brothers from the OLPKCC community and others once the St. Joseph Apprentices are fully established. Anyone willing to participate are welcome anytime.


► Saint Joseph is the ideal role model for men. He represents so much hidden grace. With deeper devotion, we invoke him to teach us as the master of prayer. He is known as the “silence saint”. Not one word is mentioned by him throughout the entire Bible, but we can derive his life being faithful to our Lord. During 30 years of time with Mary and Jesus, he helped teach and form Jesus.

Patron of Universal Church proclamation 150th year
Patris Corde - Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis (2021)

1. A beloved father
2. A tender and loving father
3. An obedient father
4. An accepting father
5. A creatively courageous father
6. A working father
7. A father in the shadows