2023 PSA

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The annual Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) is how our mission in Christ comes together across the sixty-two parishes and centers in the Church of Orange, and we Journey Together as one. The vitality of our parishes’ life is at the core of a vibrant Catholic Faith in our Diocese. The thirteen diocesan ministries and services the PSA supports exist solely to serve the parishes, directly or indirectly. Such as Seminarian Formation, Deacon formation and continue education, Priests education and retirement fund, Catholic School support, outreach, low income parish assistance. We are not only called to support our parishes but also our greater church in the Diocese of Orange and in other parts of the world where need is great. This year’s PSA assessment for OLPKCC is $41,000. I hope everyone can participate in this campaign. You do what you can. Thank you!

A few things you need to know.

1. Pledge envelops is mailed to you if you made a pledge last year, if not you can pick one up from the office.

2. Send the pledge envelop to PSA collection center directly Diocese of Orange/ PSA Collection Center PO Box 176 Kensington, CT 06037-0176

3. Check payable: Diocese of Orange

4. Make sure you write down under parish: Our Lady of Peace Church

or https://www.rcbo.org/psa-give-now